Tricia Arriagada
Owner/Personal Trainer

My passion for strength training began at age 15 when I took my first weightlifting class in high school.  I played a variety of sports and continued to strength train into my college years.   I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and worked in the human services field.


I decided that becoming a stay at home mom was what I really wanted to do.  Unfortunately, the perfect vision I had for my life was shattered when my daughter was diagnosed with autism at age two.  The visions I had of playing sports, celebrating holiday traditions and conversing with my daugther were replaced by tantrums, sleepless nights, therapies, and loneliness.  At the time, I was truly hopeless about life and could never have envisioned the path that would be forged for me because of my daughter, Briana. 


Briana attended a school for Autism in another city so I would drive her to school and was left with nothing to do but spend hours in the gym.  I learned a lot during that time and next thing you know I was encouraged by those around me to pursue my personal training certification. 


After working on my ACE certification I received a certification from the Go Primal Fitness and Training Institute in Gainesville, FL.  This certification bridges the gap of all health related modalities by integrating the key principles of strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and massage therapists. 


Based on my education and experience I have developed a training model that is safe and effective and centered around traditional and revolutionary methods.  I also have seven years experience in private training, corporate boot camps and small group training.


My daughter showed me I had strength I never knew I had and her beautiful spirit continually teaches me what is truly important in life.  I want to use these teachings to help others find the strength they might not know they have and to uncover what is most important in their lives. 




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