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Rebecca Greenleaf

Certified Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor


My interest in yoga was an extension of my interest in movement and dance. I have been teaching yoga since 2002.  I am a long time student of yoga and have completed my yoga teacher training at Thousand Petals Yoga School in Chapel Hill, NC.  My training is an alignment-based style that encourages students to move with their breath to experience the present moment.  My classes are designed to help students recognize their own inner


I also have more than two decades of experience teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes. I have been certified through the American Council on Exercise for Personal Training since 1996 and I currently teach Total Body Conditioning classes at Beyond Barriers as well as Corporate Workouts.
I earned my Bachelor of Science with a double major in Health Promotion and Dance from James Madison University and a Masters of Public Health from The University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I have more than 20 years experience in public health, both with the NC Division of Public Health and at UNC’s School of Public Health in the Department of Maternal and Child Health.
Off the mat, I enjoy reading, double-shot soy lattes, and spending time with family.
I am happy to open my classes to everyone-all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of experiences.  All are welcome!