• Tricia Arriagada

The most effective workout when you are short on time!

"A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence."

-Jim Watkins

I love this metaphor and it is one that I like to apply to working out. I used to think that in order to get results, I needed to stick to a rigid schedule or put in a 2-3 hour workout. I find that this is true in regards to body building, but there are more efficient ways to get results if your goal is to burn fat and gain lean muscle. A traditional workout schedule would separate cardio days and strength training days. Also, strength training days would be divided up into working out different body parts. For example, Monday-Chest and Biceps, Tuesday-Legs, Wednesday-Back and triceps, and so forth. With complexes, you are able to work on strength training and cardiorespiratory training at the same time. Also, the complexes are designed to work your entire body.

A complex is characterized by dumbbell, bodyweight, barbell, or kettlebell compound movements performed sequentially without changing the weight or equipment used. The format of the routine is typically between five to seven exercises. You may order the exercises from top to bottom. For example, starting with overhead press then ending in a deadlift. Or you can arrange the complex starting with the most challenging exercises and ending with the easiest exercises. To choose the appropriate weight, select the weight you would normally use for the easiest exercise. This is the weight you will use for the entire workout. Each completion of the list of exercises is considered a round. It is recommended to do 3-5 rounds depending on the volume and intensity of the workout. I've included this sample workout arranged in order from most unstable exercises to stable exercises

. Enjoy!

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