• Tricia Arriagada

Find Your Workout Motivation!

I have to admit, finding the motivation to start exercising has been a challenge for me on many occasions. It's not like I found that "thing" that motivated me and kept me motivated. My motivation comes and goes. One thing I can count on is that life will get in the way. Whether it be illness, work deadlines, or injury to name a few, life's disruptions make it hard to get back in the game. And one thing I've discovered is that as I get older my motivation changes. The things that once motivated me to exercise like external validation aren't as motivating. And now I have to turn toward intrinsic motivation, in other words find satisfaction in the activity itself. It's completely normal to lack motivation. Especially when you are trying something new. My latest addition to my workout routine is yoga. Although I've always considered myself to be athletic, I struggled with yoga in the beginning. I wasn't motivated to do it because I wasn't good at it. But I did it because I knew I needed it. All I did was make the decision to commit to doing yoga most days of the week. Even if that meant only a quick 12 minute routine. And what I found is that I got better. My balance got better, my endurance got better, and I was performing the routines with greater ease. Seeing my progress is what motivates me today. I know that if I want to grow old and be mobile and independent, I need a balance of strength and flexibility. Easy Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated!

Start with 1-3 goals and monitor your progress. Start small. To make exercise a habit start with a routine that is simple, convenient, and totally doable. For example, begin with a 10 minute walk during your lunch break three times a week. Seek social support. Find a group or a buddy who will hold you accountable. Reward yourself. Create small rewards along the way and a bigger reward when you have achieved your goal. Take Motivation from others. Talk to the people who have what you want and get suggestions on how to get there. Choose an exercise routine that interests you. There are so many ways to get active. Try thinking outside the box and take a dance class or try a new sport. Accept that there's ebb and flow. Like the tide, motivation will come and go. If you still can't get the motivation, ask for help. Talking to someone about it will make it better. Whatever you do stick with it. If you aren't feeling it today, try again tomorrow. Recognize negative self-talk. Look at your negative self-talk without judgment. Then replace it with a positive thought. Instead of "this is too hard", replace it with "I can do this!"

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