• Tricia Arriagada

Fast Healthy Snack Ideas

Information is always at our fingertips thanks to smartphones, however it can be overwhelming. If you google search healthy snack ideas, you will come across "121 Best Snack Ideas for 2021". The title may spark your interest but once you start to sift through all 121 recipes, it can be overwhelming and discouraging. I'd like to keep it simple and give you 5-10 healthy snacks to start with. Here are my top 10 healthy snacks that are quick, easy, and delicious:

  1. Monkey Cakes-Rice cake with peanut butter and banana and chia seeds sprinkled on top

  2. Veggies and Hummus-Chop your veggies beforehand so you can grab and go

  3. Cottage cheese with fruit-Pineapple and cottage cheese is especially delicious

  4. Protein Balls-Make these ahead of time for a grab and go snack. Recipe Here

  5. Fruit and Nuts-Nuts are good for you but only by the handful. Have a piece of fruit with your handful of nuts so you feel satisfied.

  6. Goat Cheese with Cucumbers-This site gives you an idea for the perfect seasoning Click Here

  7. Cherry tomatoes with mozarella

  8. Hardboiled egg and smashed avocado on whole grain toast

  9. Air popped lightly seasoned popcorn

  10. Edamame-boil ahead of time and reheat in the microwave when ready to eat. They also taste good cold with a little bit of salt.

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