• Tricia Arriagada

Daily Activities Are Easier With a Stronger Core!

Whether you are trying to improve your golf swing, increase your run distance, or feel more comfortable bending over to tie your shoes, strengthening your core can help with pretty much anything you do. Most individuals tend to focus on aerobic exercise or weight lifting and leave out the most essential component of exercise, core conditioning. Core strength provides our body the foundation to perform better. In addition, you will feel better. Without a strong core you will easily become fatigued doing your usual day to day activities. Not to mention, core exercises often help alleviate back pain. If a flat belly or six pack abs is your goal, you will need to do core exercises to strengthen and tone the underlying muscles. In addition, you will need to do aerobic exercise and change your diet to shed the fat covering up your abs. Here is a quick 20 minute core workout you can squeeze into your day.

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