• Tricia Arriagada

Correct Your Posture and Get Out of Pain!

So many of our pain issues come from poor posture. If you aren't experiencing pain at this time, it is possible you will experience it down the road if your posture is not corrected. The most common pain experienced because of poor posture is, low back pain, TMJ pain, headaches, and tension in the neck and shoulders. Correcting your posture could resolve these issues while providing other benefits. When your bones and joints are in correct alignment, you will feel less fatigued and you will have more energy. Not to mention, it will reduce the wear and tear on your joints. Improving your posture releases the compression on your lungs and vital organs caused by slouching. As a result, you will have improved digestion, circulation, and you will breathe better. Having good posture will prevent injury during exercise too. Good posture places your joints in the most ideal position to accept forces reducing wear and the tear on the joints that leads to injury. Having good posture while resistance training with give you maximum results because your muscle can reach the ideal length needed to exert the greatest force. When your muscles are able to generate the maximum force, this leads to greater stimulus and breakdown of muscle tissues, producing better results. Posture exercises can be mixed in to your current workout or done as a workout of its own. Here is a workout designed to correct the posture of someone who spends most of the day sitting.

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