• Tricia Arriagada

15 Tips So You Can Eat to Lose

If you are frustrated because every time you attempt to exercise you don't see results, it's time you take a different approach. Focus on eating foods to nourish your body. Nutrition has the most important impact on fitness. Healthy eating should be your primary fitness goal. If you want to reduce fat, and feel more confident, you've got to eat nutrient dense foods. This includes lean proteins, healthy carbs, and fats essential to your health. Focusing on nutrition alone makes you feel better, and it is easier to put on muscle and burn fat. Here are some tips to help keep you successful: 15 Nutrition Tips

  1. Eat slow carbs that take longer to digest like, fruit, vegetables, beans, and grains.

  2. Use your fist as a serving size. One fistful of protein, one fistful of carbs, and two fistfuls of vegetables.

  3. Eat 1-2 cups of fruit a day.

  4. Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  5. Replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, monk fruit, and stevia.

  6. Consume healthy fats like avocado, seeds, nuts, olive oil, etc. in small amounts.

  7. Avoid processed foods and eat whole foods.

  8. Eat a variety of antioxidants by "eating the rainbow", a plate of colorful fruits and vegetables.

  9. Eat more dark leafy greens.

  10. Eat more fiber rich foods.

  11. Drink plenty of water

  12. Drink more herbal teas such as mint, chamomile and rooibos

  13. Use more herbs and spices for it's anti-inflammatory properties

  14. Drink Alcohol in moderation.

  15. Take a daily multi-vitamin to ensure you are getting proper nutrition.

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