PJ Bundy

When I came to beyond barriers I was at my lowest point.  I had tried everything to lose weight with no success.  My last trainer didn’t seem to understand my aging body and what it’s like to start again.  As a result, my pain level after working out was so high, I felt as if I would be living on Tylenol forever.  Discouraged and ready to give up, I came to Beyond Barriers. Right from the start I trusted them. My trainer told me we would focus on building my muscle tone and the rest will take care of itself. So many women I’ve seen have lost weight rapidly but ended up very wrinkled. Beyond Barriers Personal Training’s approach is to lose the weight slowly and fill that space with lean muscle.  Therefore, you aren’t left with so many wrinkles. They were right! 


Then the pandemic came. I was so afraid that I was going to go backwards but Beyond Barriers had a different plan for me. We started working out remotely which made me realize quickly, how dedicated they were as a team to help me. I truly love going to the gym in person but I came to know that working out remotely allows me to continue my workouts whether I’m traveling or at home. Thank you for the better body that I’m developing.  One of the greatest rewards was getting into a T-shirt that I hadn’t worn for 35 years! That’s one of the greatest gifts I could’ve asked for.