Mary's story!

Hi! I’m forever grateful to Tricia and Beyond Barriers for introducing me to an exercise program that I actually enjoy participating both physically and mentally. I first started exercising through my place of employment about 8 years ago. We had access to classes Monday through Thursday. Monday & Wednesday was Yoga at lunchtime, Tuesday & Thursday was personal training after hours. I enjoyed working out with my co-workers, seeing the progress and building the team support and comradery.


In 2014 after a visit to my doctor it was discovered the that I had the BRCA2, things were about to change and get real. In 2016 I had a hysterectomy, 2 months before my surgery, Tricia and her team helped me with building up my abdominal walls so recovery would not be so hard. The BBTrainers focused on ab workouts during every class. My recovery was far less painful and quicker than I could of imagined.


Again, in 2018 I was facing another big surgery, a double mastectomy. Again 3 months before the surgery we focused on my abs, arms, and glutes. Every class there were exercises that would focus on one muscle group to help with the upcoming recovery. BBTrainers were my cheerleaders & support team through every step. One day in particular I remember Tricia saying to me, something to the effect of “I don’t know how you are still standing even my legs would of given out by now”. My recovery was much quicker and less painful because the exercises focused on my legs and abs and built up the muscles I needed to be able to get myself up without the strenuous use of my arms. During my reconstruction phase, with approval from my doctor, Tricia and trainers created a modified workout for me so I could still continue my exercise routines and not be left out. It was a great prescription for both mental and physical healing.


When the Pandemic shutdown happened, Tricia continued sending workouts and I continued to do them occasionally, without my support group I didn’t have any motivation to drive me to continue, so I eventually quit. In August feeling the COVID blues I decided to start exercising 30 minutes everyday to get back into the routine before reaching out the Tricia for help. Then in the middle of September, Tricia sent out an email introducing Beyond Barriers online workouts. I was hesitant because I didn’t think I could do her class yet, but I went ahead and took the leap. Once again I got back my motivation and excitement that I was missing. I now attend Monday, Tuesday and Friday classes though Beyond Barriers and feel a form of normalcy back in my workout routines. It’s great to be back among my peers and friends! Thank You!