Mark's Story


In 2012, I moved to Hillsborough from Southern California with my wife Leeann.  I was 48 years old.  Throughout my life, my workouts were sporadic.  Most of the time, I would run a few miles then lift weights.  My routines weren’t organized or consistent.  In my mid 40s I began developing issues with my feet and shins related to running.  My routine wasn’t working so I signed up at a local gym.  I struggled with commitment and my attendance was on and off.  Leeann decided to help me by finding a personal trainer.  She introduced us to Tricia and Beyond Barriers.    


With Beyond Barriers I do two one-hour individual training sessions every week. When I first started, I was surprised at the variety of exercises.  The workouts included a series of exercises that use body-weight, dumbbells, TRX, medicine ball, and other devices.   My goal was to build overall fitness.  After my first year, I did a personal best in both back squats, bench press, and pull-ups.  Over the years the emphasis in the program has shifted to improving flexibility, mobility, and balance, while maintaining strength and overall fitness.  The workouts integrate the whole body, frequently strength and balance are combined; such as doing shoulder presses while standing on one leg.  The program also includes exercises that target specific muscles to help correct my posture.  Every workout includes a different set of exercises, but hits all of the main areas. I also target flexibility by attending a Beyond Barriers yoga class once a week with my wife. 


These sessions help keep me fit and sane. I've never been more consistent with a workout program.  The benefits include eliminating my back issues, building a strong core, improving my golf swing making it more enjoyable, and staying active and pain free.  At 56 years old, I love having an accountability partner that uses a program that is balanced, whole body focused, and prevents injury.  I am grateful for the preparation and focus Tricia and the Beyond Barriers team put into each workout. I would recommend Beyond Barriers to anyone who wants to improve or maintain their fitness in a balanced way.