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Katie's story...

Eight years ago, I joined a friend for my first Beyond Barriers workout, and Tricia hasn’t been able to get rid of me since!


It all started after I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of 40.  I was exhausted, out of shape, and facing the scariest medical problem of my life.  I had been slowly putting on weight for years. My time was spent focusing on raising two boys, holding down a full time job, and prioritizing everyone except myself.  I would workout every now and then, but consistency wasn’t part of my schedule.


My first few workouts with Tricia were daunting.  I was trying to keep up with my friend who was at a totally different fitness level.  Tricia was able to modify the workouts to accommodate both our needs, all while teaching me proper form and providing the needed encouragement to push through the soreness and come to the next session.   Pretty soon, I started to lose weight and gain strength. The workouts never got easy, but I progressed to the point where I didn’t feel like I was going to die every time I met with Tricia. Not too long after, I convinced my husband, Gerald, to join in on the misery…I mean fun!


Working out with Tricia has been great on many levels.  I got stronger, made exercise a regular part of my life and even ran several half marathons.  It’s become my stress reliever and another opportunity for Gerald and I to have fun together. But, probably most importantly, it has helped me regain control over my physical health.  Diabetes has been an ongoing struggle, but working with Tricia has been a key to maintaining stability. Managing my blood sugar is directly related to my exercise. I’ve learned that I need to use less insulin on my Beyond Barriers days because my blood sugar drops so much from the hard workout.  Tricia is always aware of my need to manage my blood sugar, she even has pineapple juice stashed in the fridge for times when I drop low. She has been a great resource for nutrition information and has given me lots of tasty ideas for low carb meals and snacks. Focusing on my health has pushed me to embrace new technology and I now have a continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump to help me better control my blood sugar. My A1C has come down and my doctor is thrilled with my progress.  I know that my weekly workouts with Tricia is the push I need to stay on track with diet and exercise during my time outside the gym.


During the past eight years,  we’ve developed a great relationship and I consider Tricia a partner in my ongoing journey toward health.  Sure, there have been setbacks, but Tricia never lets me give up. Every time we meet, it is like catching up with an old friend…but one who consistently kicks my butt!