Janet's Story


“My fitness journey began when I turned 55 and realized I was overweight and out of shape.  Yikes!  At work I was part of a women's leadership group and one thing I learned from the senior executives that were mentoring my group was that they made time for themselves.  I decided I needed to make time to work on my fitness.  Beyond Barriers had recently opened in Hillsborough so I called.  I was nervous for the first session, but Amy quickly made me feel comfortable.  Two and a half years later we are still working and having fun together!  I am encouraged, challenged and supported.  I enjoy my workouts as well as my "homework."  I have learned so much and it is rewarding to see the changes, I have more stamina and strength.  Working out is now a priority for me.  


I would never have made the progress I have achieved on my own.  I was visiting my Mom this summer and my sister looked at me and said you have muscles in your arms!  My husband broke his finger and needed help lifting and moving heavy gates.  He was surprised at how much I was able to lift and help him!


I am very grateful for Beyond Barriers and look forward to my continued fitness journey with Amy.”