Elaine Rogers

Three years ago I became serious about improving my hemoglobin A1C value. I changed my diet,
upped my physical activity and lost seventeen pounds. My labs looked better but were still in the prediabetic range. I hit a plateau. 

A little over a year ago I came across Beyond Barriers. I thought I would do the assessment, hang in for a month or so, and learn enough new exercises to carry-on on my own at home. Wrong! I was hooked after a month!  Every workout has been just what I needed---no plateaus, no injuries, very challenging, but not overwhelming. Sara has patiently worked with me to overcome my lack of coordination, poor form, IT band syndrome and six months of stress that comes with repairing a flooded kitchen during a pandemic. I have learned multiple new exercises to do on my own, complete with the inner voice reciting 'hips down', 'be a piece of toast', 'you're halfway there'.

At my first session Sara asked about my goals which were: gain muscle, lose fat and do a pull-up by myself. I am still working towards the pull-up but I have gained muscle, by balance is improved and my clothes fit better. I sleep like a rock. And finally, my HDL cholesterol and A1C labs are the best they have been in a decade. Exercise is medicine! I know that if I had joined a gym and tried to do this on my own I would have injured myself or stayed in rut of the same routines. Beyond Barriers and Sara have been an answer to a prayer during one of the strangest years of my life.