David's Story


  I started working out at Beyond Barriers with Amy in 2015 at age 56.  I had chronic pain in my knees which had caused me to pretty much limit my activities to the bare minimum.   Amy customized my workout to include knee and leg strengthening exercises as well as ensuring the rest of my body got what it needed.  In 2017, I finally met with an orthopedic surgeon who recommended I do knee surgery. Based on my physical condition and the muscle tone I had, the doctor recommended I do BOTH knees at once.  The doctor said he rarely recommends 2 at the same time but since my legs had very good muscle tone, he felt I was the perfect candidate for the surgery.   I did the surgery and afterwards recovered very fast due to having prepared for the surgery beforehand and then working with Amy on a rehabilitative regimen afterwards.  

    At my last doctor’s appointment, he said to continue with the workout regimen and reiterated how important the pre and post operation conditioning was to my recovery.  I would recommend to anyone needing surgery to work with a personal trainer like Amy as it will greatly enhance recovery and the success of the surgery. I no longer have knee pain and I am very grateful that I had the good fortune of coming to Beyond Barriers.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us!  We are thrilled you have recovered properly and have continued strength training!  Great work!