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Nat Shapiro

Having a healthy and active lifestyle was always important to me. I stayed
active by playing basketball and other sports. All of that changed when I
went to college and picked up bad eating habits and started drinking and
smoking to cope with stress. My unhealthy lifestyle began to catch up with
me and I started to feel the repercussions of bad posture from sitting at my
desk for long periods of time.

I knew I had to make a change. I started running half a mile everyday. It
was brutal at first, but by the end of my junior year, I was back to playing
full-court basketball. Eventually, fitness became the medicine that replaced
many of the bad habits I had developed. This inspired me to become a
certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition coach
through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My goal as a trainer is to help my clients strengthen their muscles to bring
their bodies back in balance. My focus is on addressing postural alignment
and proper activation of the muscles during exercise. I will provide you with
an understanding of how to change your unhealthy patterns to reverse
poor posture and we will work to create a new and empowering lifestyle.