First Week of Virtual Classes Free!

How does it work?


Click on the link to create an account and sign-up for classes.  Sign-up at least two hours beforehand so we can email you the link via Zoom Conferencing along with instructions. If this is your first time, plan to enter the class fifteen minutes early in case we need to help you with your set up.  These classes are for all levels.    


Total Body Conditioning:


Work up a sweat and have fun in this heart pumping high intensity full body conditioning class.  The entire workout balances strength, cardio, and core. All exercises are bodyweight with a variation to include dumbbells if you have them available.  Modifications will be provided to accommodate novice and seasoned participants. 

Class Times:







Open Yoga

This is a yoga class for everyone! Beginners and seasoned yogis welcomed.
Open Yoga combines a flowing sequence of diverse poses targeting balance,
flexibility, strength, and endurance.


Trauma Conscious Yoga

Trauma is a deeply distressing experience that causes physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological harm.  The event may be as profound as war, natural disaster, or personal assault.  It may also result from an accumulation of smaller less pronounced events.  It's possible to collect trauma each time you are made to feel small, unworthy, or not enough.  In this class you will learn to calm your mind and emotional responses to trauma and stress.  Let us help you recognize and manage the physical sensations caused by trauma so you may begin healing and feel safe inside your body.


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