Brian & Suzanne's Story

We decided about 5 years ago that we needed to do something to get into shape. We were both struggling and wanted to do something together. Brian had worked out at another gym 3 years earlier, but had stopped after hurting his back. I had never done any kind of organized training. We found Tricia and started private sessions twice per week for the two of us. We struggled through the warm-ups. It was so hard!! Little by little, we found ourselves gaining strength and stamina. We were doing more and more.

When Tricia moved Beyond Barriers to the current location, she suggested that it was time to join the small groups. We were nervous about the small group classes. We had only worked out with her by ourselves. But, the classes were so much fun and we met so many great new people. Now, we even motivate each other to get up for Amy’s 5:30am class! Anyone that’s met Brian knows what an accomplishment that is (he’s not a “morning” person). Along with the Total Body Conditioning classes, we also try to attend the yoga classes with Rebecca to help with strength and flexibility.

Exercising together keeps us accountable and makes our time at BB a healthy habit. Even if one of us is traveling, the other one is still motivated to come to class. Lifestyle changes require environmental changes as well, and having both of us involved makes that easier. Recently, even our youngest daughter started working out with Leah. The trainers at BB are fabulous to work with – and they all have different styles, so we never get bored with any of the workouts. Before we found BB, we had to choose between exercise, socializing with friends and finding time together. Now we can do all three at once!