Virtual Personal Training and Wellness Coaching
For Busy People

 Accountability.  Convenience.  Motivation.

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DoYou Struggle With:

  • making time for yourself

  • managing stress

  • trying to lose weight or maintain weight

  • feeling exhausted all the time

  • suffering from muscle and joint pains

  • finding an exercise routine you can stick with

Change Your Life Today!

Work with an expert personal trainer or certified wellness coach to get started.  We will design custom programs for your specific needs.


With Beyond Barriers you will receive the guidance you need to:


  • Feel less stressed 

  • Experience more joy and vitality

  • Find a routine that’s manageable

  • Stay accountable with your goals

  • Lose weight and keep it off

  • Exercise comfortably at home

  • Stay motivated 


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Viji A.

My coach helped me connect with my purpose and created a plan each week to get me closer to my goal.  She took the time to understand my nature and my struggles with staying consistent and was  non judgemental.  My coach tailored a plan with baby steps to help me stay consistent.  I like that she didn't come with her own personal motivation but helped me identify my own.

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Kate P.

When I was ready to create an exercise habit, I knew my first call would be to Tricia and her team.  Since the sessions are virtual, there are no excuses for missing a workout.  I’ve been able to take training “on the road” and during vacations, which has been key in helping me remain consistent and build a regular exercise habit! Today I’m stronger than I have ever been.  I stand taller and I’m confident! But more than anything, I am having SO MUCH FUN! I genuinely look forward to every session with my trainer.

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Mark G.

Throughout my life, my workouts were sporadic.  In my mid 40’s I began developing issues with my feet and shins related to running.  I had gym memberships that I didn’t use and couldn’t commit to a steady exercise routine.  My wife introduced me to Beyond Barriers and I’ve been exercising consistently ever since.  At 56, I’m staying active and pain free and life is more enjoyable thanks to Beyond Barriers balanced exercise programs.