Virtual Personal Training

 Accountability.  Convenience.  Motivation.

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Beyond Barriers Personal Training has served Hillsborough, NC since 2011.  We have recently transitioned to online personal training and we are excited to continue serving our community while expanding our reach. Unlike popular virtual training programs, your experience with us will be personal.  Instead of check-ins with your trainer through an app, you will share a one-on-one connection with your trainer.  We won’t just give you a custom workout to do on your own.  We will take you through your workout each week providing you with instant feedback, and the encouragement you need.   Exercise at a time and place that is convenient for you and we will be there to help you stay on track.  We make exercise easy, with the convenience of online training, and trainers who will help you stay committed to your goals and achieving results.  

Where Fitness Is Personal

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If you struggle to stick to an exercise program, can’t find the time, or don’t know where to start, we can help! 


Our team of professionals will give you the guidance you need to live a stronger, healthier, happier life.

Why Choose Virtual Training?


You can workout wherever, whenever, cut out your commute, and make more time for you.



Avoid the intimidation of gym settings and exercise in the privacy of your own home.


Professional Advice

Our trainers will develop a program perfectly customized for you and what you want to achieve. 


Amid pandemic, if you want to exercise indoors, at home is the safest option.

Accountability and Motivation

We are here for you.  Our support and encouragement will help you stick to your plan and stay on track with your fitness goals.  


You will get the same results as in-person training, maybe better as it is easier to maintain your commitment.


It's Personal 

Our trainers care to get to know you and establish a relationship of commitment and trust.

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Our Clients are proof that there are no barriers to exercise.  Watch this Video to be inspired.